What to Do if You Are Falsely Accused of a Crime

When you have been falsely accused of a crime, it’s important to act fast and to do what you can to ensure justice is served. This starts with contacting an attorney who can properly handle your case. The attorney will have access to all the information law enforcement and the prosecutor have, along with solid legal knowledge of how to proceed. However, you don’t have to sit idle. You can take a proactive role in proving your innocence by doing some of the following things.

Man in handcuffs

Gather Evidence

You should try to gather any evidence you can, including documents and any items in your possession, such as clothing. Also, develop a list of possible witnesses, including contact information.

Don’t Try to Talk to the Victim or Destroy Evidence

While it may seem like you could fix things if you could just talk to the victim or remove a piece of evidence that makes you look bad, doing things like this could only add to the suspicion and even provide evidence against you. You should avoid getting yourself more involved and focus on working with your attorney.

Don’t Talk to Law Enforcement 

You should never speak to any law enforcement without your attorney present. You could provide them information or say something that would otherwise hurt your case. It can be very easy to say things you don’t mean when under the stress of an interrogation.

While having an attorney by your side is the best thing you can do when you have been falsely accused of a crime, you should still stay in control of the situation. It helps to work with an attorney who has your best interests in mind. For more information, call Peterson & Peterson LLC at (937) 502-4222.

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